A Practical Guide for Returning to the Azores (Presidência do Governo Regional dos Açores Direcção Regional das Comunidades)

The Practical Guide for Returning to the Azores is an initiative of the Regional Department for the Communities (Direcção Regional das Comunidades) created for Portuguese citizens born in the Autonomous Region of the Azores, who are facing deportation and are presently at Detention Centers in the United States of America and Canada. This guide is meant to be a practical guide to answer common questions from these citizens who, often are unfamiliar with the Azores, having emigrated with their parents while still very young and never visiting their country of origin since. The Practical Guide for Returning to the Azores provides information to returning citizens about geography and politics in the Azores, as well as about the institutions that are available to assist help and orientate these citizens upon arrival with issues of legal documentation, social security, healthcare, education, employment and investment, accommodation, transportation, civil protection services, and other useful information regarding both the country and region of birth.