Nowhere to Run: Iraqi Asylum Seekers in the UK

Nowhere to Run: Iraqi Asylum Seekers in the UK (Helen Hintjens, Race Class October-December 2012, vol. 54 no. 2 88-99) This article, covering the period 2003–2010, is concerned with those Iraqis whose asylum claims in the UK have been rejected in recent years and who have found ‘nowhere to run’. A deterrence-based UK immigration regime has undermined many of their basic rights since the start of the war. And despite wide public knowledge about the dangers of return to Iraq, failed Read More

Post-Deportation Health: A Humanitarian Assessment

Post-Deportation Health: A Humanitarian Assessment (No More Deaths, 2012) Objective: This report explores the health impact of US repatriations on people returned to northern Mexico through interviews with adults in the border town of Nogales. The objective of the humanitarian assessment was to describe the perceptions of post-deportation health and the variables linked to higher risk or distress for deported men and women. Background: Nogales, Sonora, Mexico is a small city abutting the international boundary and adjacent to Nogales, Arizona. Read More

Deporting the Pardoned

Deporting the Pardoned. Cade, Jason A. U.C. Davis Law Review (Vol. 46, 2). 2012. Federal immigration laws make noncitizens deportable on the basis of state criminal convictions. Historically, Congress implemented this scheme in ways that respected the states’ sovereignty over their criminal laws. As more recent federal laws have been interpreted, however, a state’s decision to pardon, expunge, or otherwise set aside a conviction under state law will often have no effect on the federal government’s determination to use that Read More