Post-Deportation Health: A Humanitarian Assessment (No More Deaths, 2012)

Objective: This report explores the health impact of US repatriations on people returned to northern Mexico through interviews with adults in the border town of Nogales. The objective of the humanitarian assessment was to describe the perceptions of post-deportation health and the variables linked to higher risk or distress for deported men and women.

Background: Nogales, Sonora, Mexico is a small city abutting the international boundary and adjacent to Nogales, Arizona. This region is known for migration-related deaths and increased enforcement measures. Repatriations from the interior US increased in recent years, placing deported immigrants into unfamiliar and volatile border settings, such as this. There is limited understanding of the safety or risk perceptions and health status for this displaced population. Since 2006, the humanitarian organization NO More Deaths (NMD) has worked in bi-national partnership to provide basic care and aid to those repatriated in Nogales.