The Deportation Global Information Project aims to gather, organize, and make accessible data and other media regarding the phenomenon of deportation around the world and the challenges and obstacles faced by deported and expelled persons and their families in order to increase awareness of and facilitate discourse and comparative analysis on this topic.


The project is based at Boston College’s Center for Human Rights & International Justice.  Since 2006, the Center has focused on the rights of deported individuals through its Post-Deportation Human Rights Project, created with the aim of conceptualizing a new area of law, providing direct representation to individuals who have been deported, and promoting the rights of deported individuals and their family members through research, policy analysis, human rights advocacy, and training programs.  In the past decade, important strides have been made in the U.S. legal system towards advancing the rights of deported individuals, including the wide recognition by federal courts of the ability of deported persons to challenge their deportations based on new or newly available information.

However, deported and expelled persons continue to face countless and sometimes seemingly insurmountable obstacles around the world.  The information, data, and resources collected here aim to increase awareness and facilitate discourse and comparative analysis on this topic.



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