Click on a country to view some statistics related to deportation as well as to obtain a link to relevant articles and reports and 
a list of organizations working with migrants and deported individuals in that country.

Data Sources:

Statistics and data should be understood within the context of its source and the definitions of the terms “return,” “deportation,” and “removal” provided by the source.

In-Country Organizations:  Where available, we have provided the names of organizations working with deported and returned individuals in that country.  Though we have worked with some of these organizations, there are many more listed here that we have not had the opportunity to work with and that have not been vetted.  Therefore, the names and links are shared for informational purposes only.

International Organization for Migration:  Established in 1951, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) is an inter-governmental organization working to manage the main categories of migration: migration and development, facilitation and regulation of migration, and forced migration. The IOM’s mission is to ensure the humane management of migration by facilitating international cooperation between both governmental and non-governmental partners in the search for realistic solutions to migration and humanitarian issues. IOM activities include but are not limited to: promoting international migration law, policy debate and guidance, protecting the rights of displaced peoples, and providing healthcare to migrants in need. IOM operations are run out of its more than 480 country offices around the world and 9 regional offices that oversee, coordinate, and support migration activities within their respective regions.